James Wenzel, UI Designer

James  Wenzel

UI and Brand Designer + Front End Dev

I’ve been creating user focused design since 2007. I believe quality design is great problem solving and leads to unobtrusive user experiences. My insatiable thirst for knowledge drives me to better myself both as a designer and front end developer.

By day I’m an Interaction Designer at Google, and by night I’m a husband-father. Drop me a line for my full portfolio.


Branding, UI/UX Design, Web Design, Development, PM, Idea Brewer

franc is an app I’ve been developing with @ajlewis and @jalder. It’s an app that helps concert-goers find and meet up with their friends. It is still in development but feel free to view the promotional site or some of the designs on dribbble.

Gay Guthrey + Associates

Web Design, Development

Working on refurbishing Gay Guthrey + Associates online presence. We’re completely revamping it by creating a responsive, clean, single page site. I’m currently coding the front-end then I’ll pass it off to @jalder so he can do some CMS magic. Live site coming soon!

Wibby Brewing

Branding, Package Design, Web Design, Development

Wibby Brewing is a new brewery in the works by @rwibby1 and @TedRisk. I’m collaborating with @martybarty on the branding for this lager house. Currently I’m working on the can design. You can follow the project’s progress on dribbble.


Branding, UI/UX Design

ChatBck is an app I had the pleasure to design for BlackSheep. I was also able to design the branding for this app. It is a consumer app that will be available for both iPhone and Android. That’s all I can mention because I’m still under NDA.


Branding, UI/UX Design, Idea Brewer

sous is a SaaS solution for small business myself, @jalder, and @ajlewis have been working on. It is an all in one tool for the little guy. We are targeting B&B’s and yoga studios at first with hopes to add in other smaller markets. This will be on dribbble, soon...